Old bat?

Photo by Yogendra Singh from Pexels

I’m dreaming again. Saturday night I dreamed that I was playing oboe in a piece by Dvorak with a prominent oboe part right at the beginning. I was sight-reading in a concert on an instrument that I don’t play, well except for one semester in college many years ago. As usual it was one of those repeating dreams, growing as it repeated.

Unusually, I don’t know remember whether I was dressed.

I had another dream last night, but it was about Outlander, which I am bingeing on at the moment. It was a whole new story-line where Claire is visiting a series of times in history, and in each one she finds a dead-ringer ancestor of Frank. In each she is trying to change history and bearing children in other times whose descendants she will meet in her own time. Strangely, all of Frank’s look-alike ancestors are sterile like him, which makes one question how Frank even exists.

I was visiting relatives over the weekend and spent far too much time driving. Is it me, or are people ignoring the speed limit more than they used to? On the Dan Ryan expressway in Chicago, the speed limit is 55 mph (lower in places), but everyone was driving 70, and cars were flying by at 80-90, often missing the slower vehicles by mere inches. It is dangerous to drive 55 when cars are passing at 90! In Indiana, the land of endless road construction (one of the circles of Hell, I believe), most ignored the Work Zone speed limits of either 45 or 55, and sped through at 70+.

Am I getting old or something?

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