I have a bream

Photo by Israel Gomes from Pexels

What? A bream?

It’s a fish, a deep water fish that isn’t particularly extraordinary. I keep discussing dreams, so today I thought I would pivot. Yes, I did dream last night. It woke me at 12:45 am. Was it about fish? I don’t think so. I fell back to sleep to dream some more, and I’ve forgotten that one, too. I’m sure I dreamed three long dreams last night, but I can’t remember the content of any of them. No breams to be found.

There doesn’t seem to be any tuna at my lunch haunts these days. I don’t ordinarily eat much fish, but I’ve had a hankering for tuna, and there is none to be found, just like the breams in my dreams.

I have a bream that tuna and whitefish would sit at a table (or swim in a school) as equals. I have a bream, except that I don’t, not even a tuna. I did have bass a couple of weeks ago, however. That is sea bass, as opposed to bass clef, or even a C-clef. I’m in treble most of the time.

Sorry, terrible musician joke. That will get me into treble again …

6 of CUPS. SUCCESS (Inverted)

Stinginess, charity given without return – more like a loan that won’t be repaid. Don’t give things away if you can’t afford it. You might be in over your head already.

See what you made me do!

I think I better get back to doing something that will make some money. It looks like I will be needing it.

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