Experiential learning

Photo by Luis Fernandes from Pexels

4 of WANDS. Completion. (inverted)

It’s a positive card. It could mean the completion of a project, but inverted, it can mean some kind of delay. The finish line is coming, but there is something in the way, possibly yourself, your ego, etc.

I chose to post a Planet Ezzie episode instead of posting here yesterday. Ezzie is in a bad way, although she doesn’t know what it is. She has the power to save herself, but she doesn’t know how.

I picked a card for today, and even chose the photo first in an effort to get me in and out of here quickly, since I should really be working. And maybe it is my own self that is getting in the way of moving forward on that project. On Sunday, I just threw my hands up in the air on a very hot day – today is even hotter! – and wrote you a new poem. I should be posting those on TCoA, but there is so much going on there, that maybe a little diversion here might be welcome.

A black diamond
in a silver setting
exquisite impurity

Experiential learning
make errors
correct them
I’ve made many

I’ve learned from experience
that I will continue
to make mistakes
and learn or not

is my calling card
my main attraction
my lovable blemish

Don’t get me wrong
I can do that on my own

without your help
that’s my inadequacy

A lump of coal
unfinished in a steel necklace
is more my style
a stain on my imperfection


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