Photo by Dalila Dalprat from Pexels

As always, I’m supposed to be working. I have a deadline coming, and I’m completely useless. I wrote another Planet Ezzie episode last night, although I haven’t posted it yet. She’s basically about to fall into the abyss, and I don’t know how to rescue her. Ideally, that is a couple episodes on, but I’ve got the fall completely in my head, and nothing for the intervening episodes. It is supposed to coincide with the full moon, which is next weekend. At the risk of a subtle spoiler, I also have to figure out how she will be able to post her blog, since she won’t be able to use her laptop. I also don’t know how she will be able to use her Tarot cards.

I’ve just wasted some more time, finishing the episode, so I’ll schedule it to post later. Anyway, that’s it for me now. I’ll just leave you with a little gibberish.

Rais on farbleton
clanstabule dolen phalmar
poni garlan piy

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