Photo by Edgar Martínez from Pexels

I’ve written and scheduled the next week of Planet Ezzie, culminating in her fall into the abyss. I haven’t decided on how she gets out of it yet, but she has promised to report back (if she can) a few days after that episode.

I was about to write you a great big spoiler, but I’ve deleted it. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Having written and queued these episodes, that should give me some time to concentrate on my work, which I desperately need to do. I will still try to keep up with (mostly) daily haiku on TCoA and other stuff here. I need to write some longer poetry, I think, so maybe that will be here. Or not.


Smear campaign, cravenly craven
boxwold, slurpy stupid

but don’t admit it

can’t buy me gloves,
no, money can’t buy me gloves

prickle-slayer, undertamer,
glass bald, dreamy-dodger

old codger

barmy lass, way too crass
kicked into the long grass

she’s buying a stairwell to hell
with dirty undergarments

ew gross

a gross of dirty undergarments, maybe
to tear down the mall, tear down the mall

writing the words of a sermon
no one could bear

ursine arse

prendicable erosthecary
bumble bootkins

grainy photograph of
supple gymnast

he lusted after her

shoved in a box of trinkets
blankets in the wind

blowing a tornado dream
across a hidden landscape

not far enough away

suddenly not the man he used to be
nor the child he is now

purple passionless eyesore
droople dumpkins



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