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It’s the end of another week, and I’m about to begin my travels. Close up the house, pack what I need, give my life a general tidy. First things first, I posted yesterday’s haiku this morning: Grapes. You will also find a bonus haiku in the comments, if you are observant. I may post another later on, since Grapes was for yesterday. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve had a request, and I need to do a little background study before I write.

I also posted the last pre-existing episode of Bathing in the Hot Tub of my Mind on EJO: 30. Fidgit. As I’ve said before #31 is already up on TCoA.

I’ve done some more proofing on The Veil of Sheera and other Tales, my short story collection. You can find the title story on TCoA: The Veil of Sheera. I have another 70 pages to proof, and then some corrections to do. I’ve decided that the Peter Grimes quotes in Intolerance have to go. I know the Britten Estate is litigious, and although the quotes only provide color, they might object. I’ll probably just remove the first two, and write my own poem to replace the last one, a seascape. There is very little correction elsewhere, so that might be it, except, of course, the cover art. Dare I stoop to using a stock photo? This book won’t pay for itself, so I can’t afford to license anything unless it is cheap.

Go on Anne, invest in your art!

Maybe for The Cult of Hahn, after I’ve tested the waters.

Can’t go without my card for the day:

PRINCESS OF CUPS: Gentle, kind, romantic and dreamy.

Well, there is my seascape. Venus dancing on the foaming sea, voluptuous and alluring. I can be a dreamy romantic, but that isn’t me today. The Queen of Cups is Ezzie, and I thought at first that I was being given a message to write another Ezzie series. I don’t know now. I’m thinking so much about water today. Several of the stories in the tVoS are set on the east coast of England – am I being subtly pushed to finish that, or write something new? Ideas are swishing around in my head. I just need time to let them percolate.

Taking shape

I spent some more time on the Annethology today. It now stands at around 61,000 words – 18 stories written since 2007, featuring The Veil of Sheera and Intolerance. Most of the stories are fantasy, some are dark, and some are sensual. I’m not sure how many more I should add.

Should I aim for 75,000 words? That would be around 300 pages. I don’t want to make it cost too much, since it will be my first foray into self-publishing – I say self publishing, but a friend of mine may publish it though his company.

Any thoughts? A few of the stories are posted on The Cult of Anne (link in my blogroll), and most of them (early drafts) are also on