Dozed and snoozed

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More neglect. Today was a heavy work week. I finished my last freelance job for the summer, and I finished one of my professional projects, the one that has been hanging over me for about 18 months. Now I can concentrate on preparing for Fall semester. I need to get my act together and record a couple of weeks of lectures for my classes.

Right now, I’m sleepy. My knee was a little swollen yesterday, so I stayed off the roads. I take an anti-inflammatory for my ankle two weeks on, two weeks off, and I’m in the middle of the two weeks off right now. I think it is masking a minor knee issue. The knee acts and feels swollen, but I just don’t see much. In any case, it is feeling week, especially after I have been sitting for a while.

Why sleepy? I decided to move around a bit this morning with a plan to run if it felt okay. That meant filling the bird feeder, and while I was out there, I did some weeding in the garden. Eventually, I decided I was ready, so I started my lowest impact run, slow and steady. I made it around, but it wasn’t anything to write home about.

And of course, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I returned home, showered, ate lunch, and crashed. I haven’t fallen asleep, but I didn’t have enough in me to even think about writing another chapter today. I’m just putzing around instead.

Next week, the meetings begin, and that is just a warm up for the marathon that will be Fall semester totally online.

There hasn’t even been much to watch out my window today. Maybe the whole world is dozing.

No, don’t go there!

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Person, woman, man, camera, TV
Person, woman, man, camera, tripod
Person, woman, tan, camera, tripod
Person, woman, tan, Camaro, tripod
Person, woman, tan, bikini, melons
Woman, tan, bikini, melons, woman
Woman, marbles, man, melons, woman
Woman, pussy, man, ass, woman
Pussy, woman, bikini, ass, woman
Pussy, woman, man, dick, sex
Pussy, woman, man, President, power
Man, President, power, woman, pussy
Man, amateur, President, loser, dick
Woman, should, be, President, now

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, bosom, melons, whatever, I’ll have you know that I posted my next chapter of Writer’s Block this morning. I wrote most of it last night, but finished it while I was still sweaty from my run this morning. You’ll be happy to know that I am now clean and fresh.

The story is now up to 32,000 words, and could go up to 40,000 or even 50K. I know what at least the next three chapters are, possibly four. I just have to remember them.

Person, woman, man, camera, TV

Hey, I’m still a genius.

Face, velvet, church, daisy, red.

That’s more likely the set on the test.

Face-person, velvet-woman, church-man, daisy-camera, red-TV

Now say them backwards, and tap on each word with an A in it. Tap on your head while rubbing your belly, and count back from 100 by seven.

What day is it?


Trump Claims He "Aced" Cognition Test - Here's What He's Talking ...


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I’ve been out in the garden too much today. It was over 90° and although some puffy clouds occasionally hid the sun, I sweated off as much weight as I normally would if I had run first thing. I weigh myself twice in the morning, once as soon as I get up and once after I run, usually about 4 pound lighter, just for perspective. (Only the first one is official.)

I didn’t post a chapter of Writer’s Block yesterday, not because I hadn’t written one, but because I wasn’t happy with it. It introduced Charley from her perspective, and that gave away too much, perhaps too soon. I held onto it, and this morning I wrote a new chapter 18 carrying on the action from JJ’s perspective, and in it I justified the previous day’s unposted chapter as a chapter for JJ’s book that he was writing. Instead, he introduced Charlotte, his angel, from her perspective, but these are JJ’s thoughts and interpretations, not necessarily the truth.

I also took the opportunity to reintroduce Abbey into the story. I had planned to do it on the trip to Scranton, but I’d forgotten. That happens when you don’t sketch and are writing from the seat of your pants. It gave JJ a chance to close the book on her, an old relationship too awkward to rekindle, especially since she implied that she thought he was gay.

I apologize for not being around much lately. I’m deep in a freelance job, and I need to finish it soon, so I can start recording my lectures for Fall semester, which is only 5 weeks away. This job is due in 4 weeks. I have a few other things I want to finish before the summer is over, too.

I mentioned that I didn’t run today. I just couldn’t get myself out there before the temperature soared. If I leave it until after 9:30 am, it is just too hot. My ankle is hurting less, and I don’t know if it is because I’ve changed my warm-up, or started taking the anti-inflammatory again. I think it started feeling a little better before it kicked in Thursday night. My run on Wednesday was my fastest since before the lockdown, and my run yesterday was only a second slower, a little later in the morning, about 10° warmer. That’s a step in the right direction. It is supposed to rain overnight, possibly through my running time in the morning. We’ll see what happens.

I’m trying to decide what happens after Writer’s Block finishes, which is up to 25,000 words. My estimate was about 30,000, and I’m on target unless I introduce something that extends it. I think it may be time for some shorter pieces and some poetry. 1500 word chapters don’t get read as much, so I only have about 4-8 daily readers on it right now, and some are just “likers” who don’t actually read the stories. I’ll get a few on this one, too, since today’s tags tend to attract them. Once I start posting haiku, my readership will swell again. That’s just the way it works. Readers lack attention span these days. If I like something, I’ll read the whole thing, if I don’t I will look at something else. I guess I’m guilty, too, but maybe for different reasons.

Right now, I’ve just had too much sun, and my eyelids are getting heavy.

You are getting sleep, very sleepy …. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

The Darkness

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I’m struggling. I have things to do and I’m not doing them. I’m writing, but I’m just keeping up, not the usual feeding-frenzy of so many ideas that I don’t know what to do with them all. I’m ignoring my work stuff, that I should have spent significant time on today. I wrote a chapter, which turned into a long one, but I write long one when I don’t know what is next. I just keep writing until I run out of things to write.

I wrote an EJO Hot Tub piece today that rambled on and on saying things I didn’t want to say, and you didn’t want to read. I scrolled back and deleted it from the moment I started sinking down the vortex of the toilet. You don’t know how much to thank me. Your welcome.

What I need is a good thunderstorm, like the ones that completely missed us yesterday and the day before. Blue skies and sun just don’t get my juices flowing like a blast of thunder and a bolt of lightning, usually in the reverse order.

I’ve been off the anti-inflammatory that has enabled my running for the past year or so, and it isn’t working. It just plain hurts. My ankle feels like a rusty hinge straining at the screws that hold it in. I’ve broken down and refilled the prescription. I’ll start it up again on Wednesday after a full two weeks off of it. Six weeks not running brought no improvement, just a few extra pounds. I need to get the weight back down, so there isn’t so much impact. It’s that old catch-22.

I need to find that dark place where the swirling gloom gives birth to daring fantasy, like that relentless storm that has JJ conjuring Charley from his dreams, although maybe he doesn’t know that. He dreams of her and she is there. She is his winged savior, but he doesn’t know from what, and he doesn’t know why he is the one with the wings in his dreams.

If I knew what any of that meant, I would be writing over there and not here.

Hmm… I just had a thought …


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I want to be perfect, but sometimes it isn’t worth the time. I did finally write the chapter on Slim today. I was going to wait until morning to post it, but I decided to go ahead now. It’s not perfect, but right now, I don’t have a perfect chapter in me. That will have to wait for the rewrite, if I ever get there.

I’m up to 7500 words. If I go in one direction, it will be around 15,000 words, or another would make it more substantial, maybe 30,000. I still don’t see a path to novel-length.

Today was a hot one, but I did my workout before the mercury hit 80°. It was supposed to be a run, but my ankle ached, and I decided to walk until it loosened up. It never did. Still, a 3-mile walk burns the same number of calories as a 3-mile run. It just takes longer, and looks a little embarrassing when it gets posted on my running site.

Let’s just say my running has been far from perfect lately.

Perfection and I are uneasy bedfellows. My writing is far from perfect right now, too. It’s fast and furious, but maybe I should take more time on it. If I was going to do that, I wouldn’t be posting it online. I would be hiding it and sending samples to literary agents, maybe not as slimy as Slim, but beggars can’t be choosers.

And I’m a beggar?

Maybe. I do have some publications, but they are all out of print, well, all but one article, but like JJ, that’s under another name, and it’s a short biographical article. No huge royalties, none at all, in fact. I think they paid $15 for it, which isn’t even an hour of my time. There is also my anthology, which your conscience should be telling you to buy. You have been reading enough of my writing here (click on Buy! above). My brother-in-law loves it. (He just sent me an email about it.)

I did a little more of my paid work today, but not as much as I wanted. Today is shopping day, and I had more to do than usual. While I wasn’t doing any of that, I was watching people walk and run by my window, so wearing hardly anything, which for some was fine with me, but for others, I wished they would put something on. If I ever get to that state, I will do the honorable thing.


Me, yes, but the garden is, too, so I should water it and then have some dinner.

No promises for tomorrow.


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I’ve been remiss. I’m trying to get one of my paid jobs done, so I can get onto the other, and that has meant that I’ve been neglecting you, my loyal followers. I still have another couple of days on it, but I had a little time today, so I thought I would stop in and say hello.

I was going to work on tomorrow’s chapter of Writer’s Block, but I don’t have enough time, nor am I certain of what the next chapter will be. The first big reveal coming up, and I want to delay it a little. I spent two chapters introducing Marina (and Reggie), and I think it is time to introduce Slim properly. The “inevitable” is coming, but perhaps Slim’s take on it might be useful before I get there. The reveal can’t come until after that happens.

It’s looking like this is going to be a novella. I’m not sure I can spin it out to 75,000 words, not to mention 100K. Third person omniscient is a little awkward for me. I haven’t written that way in some time. I need to get back to it though, since The Cult of Hahn is in that voice, although it is less omniscient than this story is. I prefer to be closer to being in the heads of my characters, otherwise I “tell” too much. I’m probably telling too much in this story, but that is part of the style.

I’m tired. I don’t want to get back into something big. It’s only been a week since I finished the first draft of ‘Round Midnight. I just need a rest. I ran today and I’m zonked. It takes a lot more effort with a bum ankle. I just can’t push off it well, so I’m slow, and I tire easily.

And it was 85° and humid.

I was having another look at the Covid dashboard for my area. There have been several more cases and a few more recoveries, still only one death. Relative to the rest of the city, my neighborhood hasn’t been hard it. One thing that stuck out, however, was the age range of the cases. It used to be pretty evenly spread among age groups, but suddenly there has been a spike in the 20-29 range, almost double the other age groups. When I look at a wider area, it is even more telling. In the areas that I looked at, 20-39 accounts for almost 50% of the cases. That means that age group is not heeding CDC advice, and you can pretty much see it if you walk around. College-age adults are the ones not wearing masks and congregating in groups. Like the Amateur, they think they are invincible.

They are not. That is the lesson.

Time to cook dinner.

Just Wing It

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I’m up over 140,000 words now in ‘Round Midnight, and tomorrow’s chapter gives me another possible route to an ending. I can use both, so I’ll see where the writing takes me.

Still nothing for EJO. I’m too busy right now, and I’ll have even less time tomorrow. I need to finish this paid work, too. I’m mostly done; I just need to look three sections of it and input the corrections.

I was back out on the road this morning, cutting off another 40 seconds of time. My ankle still hurts, but I’ve started doing some exercises that my doctor gave me. It helped a little last time, and in fact, helped my right ankle a lot. My left one, not so much. I’ll keep doing them and see if that helps. I wasn’t running outdoors then.

What else is there to say? Time to water the garden. They keep hinting at rain, but we have a 25% chance tonight, and that is the highest until next weekend.

I don’t know what dinner is tonight. I guess I’ll just wing it.

A Route to the Truth

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I almost didn’t write a chapter today, then I just started writing. I haven’t found an ending, but a path to the ending. That is satisfying.

I can’t get no …

I’m up near 137,000 words now. Can I finish under 140,000? Probably not. Maybe 145,000. Too many things left to resolve.

I’m nearly done with my current freelance job. I’m in the home stretch, then I have two more. Something else happened in the past couple of days, which I can’t discuss. It’s good, professionally. It doesn’t have anything to do with writing. It’s a wide-open opportunity. Let the negotiations begin.

What else is there? A decent run today, after a day off yesterday. My speed is picking up, not by any means fast, but I’ve dropped over 7 minutes since I started running regularly again. I want to drop 2 more minutes before I increase my distance.

I need to do some paid work now. Have a nice weekend.

All work and no play makes Anne an dull girl

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Another day, another dollar. I’ve just finished my assignment for today, so now I can play. I should really do my paid work first each day, and in fact, if I just started at the beginning of the day and worked through, I could finish the job tomorrow. That’s not likely to happen. I need to get my running, my writing, and my other stuff in, too.

People are counting on me to produce.

Would anyone notice if I missed a day? The answer is probably no. I’m not earning so much on these freelance jobs that it makes a huge difference. My deadlines are pretty far away, but it might be nice to get them out of the way, so I can do other things.

The phone has been ringing off the hook today. Nothing real. In fact, one that looked legit turned out to be the “This is the Windows Service Center” scam. Click. I didn’t even wait for him to finish the sentence. At least 3 times a day, I get a call to reduce my electric bills, which I have learned is a hoax. Well, they do reduce your electric bills, and then after a specific period of time, if you don’t pay attention, they go up higher than they were before. I only learned that before I moved out of my old place, well, about three months before I did, and it wasn’t worth changing again.

Call me old, but I long for the days when the phone rang and there was a real human on the other end who actually wanted to speak to you and not sell you a bill of goods.

Yes, I’m that old!

I vaguely remember party lines, too. And I don’t mean 1-888-PARTYON or something stupid like that (a premium call line that charges you a fortune) for those who don’t know.

Has anyone other than me noticed that a lot of the women on the Pexel photos that I use have nose studs? A lot have tats, too. I just can’t imagine subjecting myself to that. Having my ears pierced was bad enough.

I don’t do pain, if I don’t have to.

It rained a little while ago, so the temperature has gone down a little (85°), but it is rather sticky. That’s enough pain for me. Then, there are the hunger pangs that are assailing me now, so if you don’t mind, it is time to cook dinner.

Pacing myself

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I’ve been very tired the past couple of days. I used to run very early in the morning, but in the past month, I’ve been at the computer early, and didn’t get out until the afternoon. This week I’ve tried to push it back to the early side, still not before 8 am, but I get out there before the temperature hits 85°. I’ve been finding myself crashing late morning and again after lunch. They said it would be cooler today, but it is 91°, six degrees above the forecast high. They have been missing the high by about 5-6 degrees lately, and it is annoying.

Spoiler Alert

I’m back to listening to sad music. I’ve put Cassie in the hospital, a stab wound, but this time her nemesis has revealed himself, indirectly, at least. Her soul was floating around, while her body was on the edge of consciousness, and found him just before she blacked out. I shouldn’t be discussing this, because she analyzes the encounter in the tomorrow’s chapter, which goes live around 9:30 EDT tomorrow.

Knowing the enemy is a long way from defeating him, or at least surviving him. We know already that he is still an issue 300 years in the future, although the future is fluid and could still change.

I’m trying to balance what I’m doing better. That involves reigning in how much writing I’m doing each day. My second freelance job has arrived, and I haven’t finished the first one yet. It may mean that EJO gets neglected for a week or so, unless I’m struck by some burning inspiration.

Okay, that’s all I’m allowed for now. Time to do some paid work.